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Commercial, Fire and Allied Perils Insurance

Protection to the owners of commercial properties

This coverage is intended to provide protection to the owners of commercial properties such as buildings, stocks, plants, machinery and equipment, office content and other commercial property against fire and lightening and include on your request additional perils such as Earthquakes, Bush fire, Explosion, hurricanes, riot and strike, malicious damage, flood, impact, aircraft and burst pipes. This policy can be further enhanced by the Business interruption policy.

Policy Benefits

  • Workmens – Workmen and/or Tradesmen allowed on the premises without prejudice
  • Public Authorities – Costs incurred to comply with Building and other regulations
  • Purchasers Interest – Interest by the intended Purchaser during a contracted sale
  • Annexes – External Fixtures annexed to the building
  • Capital Additions – Any newly acquired Buildings, Plant, Machinery and any Alterations, Additions and Improvements to the Buildings
  • Services – Coverage for telephone, gas, water and electricity instruments, meters, piping, cables and the like
  • All Other Contents – Contents in outbuildings, open yards, visitors effects
  • Removal of Debris – Removal of Debris from, Dismantling, Demolishing, Shoring Up or Propping Up of Property after a loss
  • Architects’ & Surveyors Fees – Fees for Plans, Specifications, Quantities, Tenders, & Supervision necessarily incurred in the reinstatement of replacement of Property
  • Temporary Removal – Alterations and Additions and Property temporarily removed for cleaning, renovation or repair to other premises
  • Rent – Payable where the Property is unfit for occupancy
  • Non-Invalidation – Act or Omission will not prejudice the insurance policy


Fire and Peril insurance as it is commonly known, acts as an investment for businessmen. The protection provided ensures that there in the event of a loss, there are adequate funds to rebuild. Another benefit of insurance is the strengthening of the business community on a long term basis.

Our General Services

Antillean Group Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption

Provides protection for businesses against loss of net profits and operating expenses.

Antillean Group Burglary Insurance

Burglary Insurance

This policy provides protection for the personal effects in a home, or commercial enterprise.

Antillean Group Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance

This policy coverage provides protection to the owners of commercial properties.

Antillean Group Contractor's All Risk Policy

Contractors Insurance

This coverage offers protection to both the Employer and the Contractor.

Antillean Group Employee Liability

Employee Liability

Protect against legal liability incurred to employees due to bodily injuries or property damage.

Antillean Group Home Owner's Policy

Home Owner's Policy

This insurance policy offers a protection for private dwelling houses and its attachments.

Antillean Group Marine Cargo

Marine Cargo

Designed for persons or companies involved in the import and export of items via air or sea.

Antillean Group Marine Hull Insurance

Marine Hull

This policy provides protection for the insured against perils of the sea or other waterways.

Antillean Group Public Liability

Public Liability

Protection for the policyholder against legal liability incurred to members of the public.

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